Weightloss NLP 1

Is your weight getting in the way of enjoying your life?

Quickly and Easily

heal the pain hiding

behind your weight!



Are you running into health issues?


Are you tired of feeling crappy about yourself?


Are you afraid to leave your house because of your appearance?


Imagine YOUR life after

losing weight!


We have a different

approach to weight-loss

Our belief is that emotions and fears hide within the body.  The body’s way of comforting and protecting itself often results in weight gain, and a lack of motivation to explore life.


Most common things that hold

people back from losing weight

  • Mindset – What we believe about our life shapes our decisions around our health.  If we embrace a negative mindset, our physical and emotional body will follow suit, thereby hindering personal growth and achievements.

  • Anxiety – The body’s response to anxiety can show up in a myriad of ways including increased heart-rate, shallow breathing, and self-soothing behaviour (ex- eating sweets, hibernating on the couch instead of getting physical activity).

  • Subconscious – The subconscious mind responds to ‘hunger’ and ‘satiated’ cues that are dependant upon previous patterning, and were possibly created during a state of trauma, or in a different metabolic state than the body’s current one.


We take you through a

3-step process to break

through those barriers!

Wake up feeling healthy, confident, and motivated to achieve your goals!


Learn how to live your life with courage and excitement!

Struggling with repeating behaviour, events or fears?

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