Stress Rescue Workshop part 1






Is stress preventing you from enjoying your life?

Do you wake up feeling overwhelmed and anxious every day?

Are your relationships and work suffering because you are constantly stressed to the MAX?

Struggling with repeating behaviour, events or fears?

“My heart goes out to Crystal and what she does. I was in a very bad place, but she turned my life around. She has helped me in more ways than can ever be imagined!”  – Tracie Conrad


The #1 reason why people don’t enjoy their lives is because of stress mis-management!

Imagine your life after gaining control over stress, so you can focus your energy on the things that really matter to YOU!


This 2-HR Stress Rescue workshop will:

  • Provide you with a simple Cognitive System to recognize stressors!
  • Train you in easy Relaxation Techniques that you can implement into your life!
  • Teach you Rational Problem Solving Skills to use when stress arises for you!


NOTE: This workshop is Level 1 of the 3 level

STRESS RESCUE Workshop Series.




Crystal Rhodes works with people who are ready to live the life they truly want to by overcoming their challenges and traumas in order to accomplish their goals.  Alongside her 3 university degrees and diverse healing modalities training, Crystal is a certified Modern Mystery School instructor for many classes in both personal and spiritual growth, including Stress Rescue.


“The stress in my daily life used to control and prevent me from feeling fulfilled, no matter what I did. I was constantly seeking to make greater accomplishments in my life in hopes of finally feeling satisfied and accomplished, however the self-loathing, anxiety, and guilt I constantly experienced from life stressors prevented me from feeling JOY; no matter what I did to hide from the stress and pain, it followed me everywhere, even in my sleep (when I could finally fall asleep).  Once I learned how to recognize stressors before they took hold, and got acquainted with my body’s cues that stress was present, I was able to begin exercising simple techniques to transform that ‘stress’ energy into motivation that served me in accomplishing my goals.  It is my desire to share those techniques with others so they can fully begin to live their lives, STRESS-FREE!”   – CRYSTAL RHODES


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ALL PARTICIPANTS will receive a Gift Bag and 10% OFF any healing of their choice!

“Crystal is an inspiration to me, I look up to her in so many ways and her presence in my life has inspired me to become a better person, she has offered so much knowledge and direction that I have been seeking on my spiritual path and for that I cannot thank her enough. She has helped me work through dormant emotional traumas that were unknowingly hindering my ability to truly pursue my own path in life. She is a powerful, understanding and non judgmental healer and I highly recommend her.” – Erik Aguilar


Live YOUR life with Happiness, Harmony & Prosperity