sacred geometry 1

Sacred Geometry 1

Are YOU ready to protect your ENERGY

and MANIFEST using Sacred Geometry?

If so, then THIS is the class for YOU!


Struggling with repeating behaviour, events or fears?

Everything is made of Sacred Geometry in our universe.  It is the energetic signature of all that exists. You will positively affect your daily life & strengthen your foundation for understanding your current life experiences by consciously using the ancient tools of Sacred Geometry! Do you wonder where they come from and how they work?


Join this class to learn the history of Sacred Geometry and how YOU can use it to:

✔️ Clear and protect your energy including your home and work space.

✔️ Cultivate energy for manifestation with the use of ancient rituals.

✔️ Clear unserving thoughts, mindsets, and habits.

✔️ Create areas of sanctuary for meditation and prayer.

✔️ Connect with your spirit guides and receive messages with clarity.                                                                                                                                       

Crystal is an amazingly warm and wonderful person and she does an excellent job at facilitating deep healing through ways that are both practical and highly efficient. It is a blessing every time I am able to attend one of her sessions. She does live on the other side of the city then, yet it is always worth it when I make the trip. Highly recommend Fresh For Life for anyone that feels they want healing (in any sense) or for Beings just wanting to expand one’s Wisdom and Awareness of Being and Reality.

Darren Rea


To Register or for more info, call/text Crystal @ 778-988-6888

Date: Sunday, April 25, 2021

Time: 2pm-6pm

Investment: $165

WE are meant to THRIVE, not just to be ALIVE!