Release with a Cord Cutting

It’s About Letting Go

Do you have recurring thoughts, patterns, and relationships around a person or type of experience in your life?
Do you feel stuck in a cycle that is distracting and draining your energy?
Are you anxious or tired and having trouble functioning in your daily life?

The process of Releasing allows you to detach yourself from negative people, situations, and traumas that continue to have a negative influence on your thoughts and emotions. This could include ending or attempting to end a romantic or close relationships including with family members, dealing with childhood abuse, addiction, depression, or accidents.

Emotional cords can be extremely draining and have a major impact on your life. They result in symptoms like anxiety, depression, stress, physical pain, overwhelming thoughts and feelings, loss of appetite, and trouble sleeping. By cutting these energetic cords, the negative emotional patterns and cycles are released. You regain personal power and stability by addressing the ‘stressor’ and actively releasing its hold over your life.

During the Session

You will be asked to allow the thoughts and feelings surrounding the relationship or experience in question to come up, which will allow the energetic cords and patterns to expose themselves. Through a painless process of magnetically shifting the negative energy away from your body, mind, and spirit, the cords will be cut around you and the energy will be released.

You will also be asked to declare what you want to bring into your life in place of the pattern that was just removed, and that request will be magnetically anchored into your energy field, shifting your thoughts and feelings into alignment with your request.

When successfully released, you will gain relief, clarity,
and an opportunity for a fresh start to move forward.