​Rejuvenate with a Life Activation

Starting life again with fresh outlook and purpose

Do you want to be a better support to your family/friends? Do you want to remove unhealthy patterns that continue to show up in your life and family history including addiction, depression, and anxiety? Do you want to awaken to live in your greatest potential and be in alignment with your higher purpose?
The Rejuvenation process, also known as the Life Activation healing, will help you experience immediate shifts in your life. You may experience less stress, improved rest, eating, and lifestyle habits, increased focus and drive, and clarity on how to best walk on YOUR path in life. Discover the direction and purpose of your life and easily shift habits and relationships to serve your higher purpose.

After Your Life Activation

This powerful healing modality will awaken your dormant DNA and heighten your connection with your Higher Self. This enables you to access and maximize your greatest potential in life through several balancing techniques that stabilize you on your personal journey of growth. It begins a process of releasing unconscious patterns and old emotional traps, including clearing family/genetic karmic patterns and habits. It also provides you with more energy and clarity by enabling you to hold more Light (positive energy) in your physical body, creating access to more of your brain capacity.
“I recently went to Crystal Rhodes for what’s called a Life Activation healing. I explained my situation about anxiety and insomnia as I was barely able to sleep at night. She said that this process would work for me. I was skeptical because nothing has worked in the past. Immediately after the Life Activation I felt amazing. I was grounded, at peace and focused. That night for the first time in months I slept like a baby. I have had improved sleep every night since then and plan on going back again. My anxiety is way down and my cravings for things that I am struggling with has gone down as well. I am telling you this is the real deal, and energy and healing is legit. I would never have thought this in a million years, but now my story is living proof. If you struggle with addiction, stress, anxiety or insomnia like I have my whole life, I highly recommend this. I highly recommend reaching out and explaining your situation so she can help you as well. Thank you so much Crystal. I will be back for more soon.” Ryan Gudwer

YOU are the change you have been waiting for.

It’s time to step into your own power and shine like the bright star YOU are!