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Does this sound like you today?

  • Experiencing anxiety and depression?
  • Having troubles sleeping, eating or staying focused?
  • Constantly having racing thoughts with negative cycles or patterns?
  • Dealing with recurring physical pain?
  • Suffering from a trauma or negative relationship?

Many people silently suffer through these situations. Or they are medicated with prescriptions to a state where they do not feel like themselves anymore. Often times, people blame themselves and lack compassion for their own experience, and these feelings of guilt perpetuate their suffering.

Do you want to take back control of your life?

At Fresh for Life, we understand how it feels to be in a helpless and desperate state. We know what it is like to feel emptiness, unworthiness, loss and shame. We know because we have been there. We knew we had a purpose in the world but didn’t know if we would ever be good enough to achieve it.

We were looking for natural ways to heal without the use of prescription medication and psychologists. Modern medicine seems to focus more on how to only deal with the symptoms. Natural healing is not just about healing a symptom, but healing the whole self. It offers a sense of purpose and direction to people who are lost by helping them to build self-esteem, self-confidence, discover their life’s purpose, and create a structure to accomplish their goals.

At Fresh for Life, we combine a number of healing modalities to help you bring balance to your life with a 3 step process for healing:

Step 1 Release

Cutting the energetic cords from trauma or unhealthy relationships. (Cord Cutting)

Step 2 Recharge

Repairing the damage done to the body, mind, and spirit (Aura Healing)

Step 3 Rejuvenate

Moving forward with purpose, inspiration, and focus (Life Activation)

Everyone’s situation is different. Fresh for Life will design a program specific to your needs, drawing from a number of different healing modalities that will be suited for you. Through our process, you will experience clarity within yourself, in your relationships with others, and in your life’s purpose. You will become charged up and better able to support yourself, your family and your community.

For your convenience, we offer mobile services in the comfort of your own home.

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 How is this therapy more effective than other types of therapy?


  • Instant Results!
    Many healers require ongoing sessions with their clients while the healings we offer are highly effective and require little maintenance. You will notice instant results that create immediate life shifts for you.
  • Pull up the Roots!
    Other healings can not go as deep as we do. We go after the source, not the symptom, and assist you to uncover and heal what lies underneath. This includes breaking negative ancestral cycles in your lineage.
  • Convenience!
    We service all of Western Canada provide you with ongoing support afterwards. You can choose to have your healings in the comfort of your home or via phone.

“Thank you so much for sharing your powerful and amazing healing gifts with me today! I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders and my heart feels open and ready to receive the love and opportunities that lay in front of me. You are da bomb chika! And just a straight up blessing to have on this earth. Keep spreading the dope vibes and making the world a better place”

Justine Lambert

Crystal Rhodes

Natural healing and music are my life. It helped me recover from the trauma, addiction and depression that I had experienced. It allowed me to create a path to success and empowerment. Without healing and music in my life, I would not be alive today.

I invite you to learn about my story, and how you can heal from stress and trauma, feel balanced, and live a fulfilling life to your greatest potential. The results were so empowering that it became our mission to share this healing with others.

Read more about me and my Fresh For Life mission.

Live YOUR Life with Happiness, Harmony and Prosperity!

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