Here is how I can support you on your journey of healing and enlightenment.

A Life Activation will take you to the next level by awakening your Divine Blueprint, opening you up to walking a path of passion and purpose in all that you do.  It begins a process of releasing karmic, family, and unconscious patterns, enabling you to:

  • Anchor more light into your physical body
  • Awaken some of your innate gifts and talents
  • Experience more vitality and clarity
  • Anchor your Higher Self into your physical body
  • Awaken dormant DNA

90 mins – $250 (includes 2 healing tinctures)

If you are feeling drained, tired, and caught in a situation, cycle or negative mindset, you may need a Cord Cutting. It releases the negative cycles and relationships that you have attachments to.

  • Reclaim your power in relationships
  • Get clarity and focus for decision-making
  • Recharge your self-confidence
  • Improve your energy levels, eating, and sleeping
  • Restore your energetic balance


Cord Cuttings are especially helpful for someone who is leaving a relationship, feeling a lot of negativity around them, or is energetically sensitive to others.

90 mins – $200

The next healing step after the Life Activation is the Full Spirit Activation.  This healing will increase your connection to your soul, further awakens you to your life purpose, and breaks through apathy or resistance that keeps you from living your fullest and best life.  This healing includes awakening the Thalamus region, Pituitary, and Pineal glands to unblock the channels of awareness in the body, and intensifies your physical and spiritual senses.  This means that you will feel joy on a deeper level, and live your life on a vibration closer to that of your true divinity and source.

90 mins – $250 (includes 2 healing tinctures)

If you want to learn more about all of the levels of yourself including your past lives, where you came from, the arch angels and guides that work with you, your contracts here on earth in this lifetime, your psychic gifts and powers, and the inner workings of your soul – then this is the healing for you! 

You will also learn about your relationship contracts with people who come into your life, how to fulfill your soul contracts, and which ones are left to complete.  The Purpose of Life Reading tells you about your soul’s origination and birth, what initiations your soul received in preparation for this lifetime, your soul type, and messages from your spirit guides to help you succeed in this lifetime.  It is a very helpful tool in learning about yourself on all levels, and provides indepth information to live your best life possible. 

*Prerequisite for this healing session: Life Activation

90 minutes – $200

Have you suffered deep trauma in your life and don’t feel fully in your power? Do you have a history of drug/alcohol abuse or other self-destructive behaviours? When we experience these types of situations, parts of our soul leave our body, and over time we begin to feel the loss of that part of ourselves.  Until these pieces are returned and integrated back into our body, we can not access our full power and will continue to feel these wounds from the past. This healing calls back the pieces of you which have left, and assists you to integrate back into fully being who you are, so that you can experience deep healing and stand in your power.  This healing may require multiple sessions, dependant upon the damage sustained to your overall being from past traumas.

90 mins – $200

When you are feeling low in energy, tired, ill – whether physically, mentally, or spiritually, this healing is highly beneficial. It is a distance healing, and can be done for anyone in the world, regardless of their location or illness. Its especially beneficial for children or the elderly who are sick, and unable to travel. Its done in the comfort of your own home, and requires you to lay down and receive the healing energy and light of the healing while it is taking place.

90 minutes – $200

The Aura is very susceptable to damage through stress, trauma, illness, toxins, unhealthy experiences and relationships that will lead to a decrease in your quality of life. The Aura Healing will repair the damage done as well as:

  • Repair the energy leaks that cause illness
  • Restore your energy field to optimum operating capacity
  • Regain your strength, stamina, and motivation


Experience your life being grounded in your body, having clarity, and operating at peak energetic efficiency.  This is a 3 x session healing series.

3 x 1 hour – $450

In a session, Ensofic Reiki healing energy is directed to areas within the body where negative thoughts, emotions, and traumas have been stored, creating physical pain. The energy of Ensofic Reiki provides:

  • Peace, clarity, and alignment with your life’s purpose
  • Heightened vibration invigorates the physical body
  • Assists the systems of the phyical and energetic bodies to run optimally


A typical treatments series consists of 3 sessions, however it can be done as little or often as needed. 

90 mins x 3 = $500 (Recommended)



Through the use of sacred geometry, crystals, and ancient healing chants, this nurturing healing facilitates healing on all levels of the being, and facilitates a connection with the the divine self, including:

  • Balance and peace to the physical, internal, and emotional layers
  • Blessings for an upcoming event
  • Healing issues around time, space, motivation and awareness levels


Experience deep healing with a gentle, relaxing, and empowering energy session.

90 mins – $200

Live your life from a place of passion and purpose.  The more clear and balanced the energy field is, the more on-point, inspired, and motivated you can be!

A short but powerful energy balancing series that will:

  • Re-balance your systems after exposure to stress (especially recurrent)
  • Balance your elemental and magnetic lines for better manifestation
  • Ground back into your body and release anxiety


Allow joy and excitement be the fuel that propells you towards your daily goals from a place of clarity, balance, and drive.

60 mins x 3 = $350 (Recommended)



This healing is used to clear and balance the 7 layers that blend together to form the aura, including at the levels of spirit, thinking, soul, astral, dreaming, planning, and action. Damage to these layers in daily life leads to illnesses, addictions, thought-loops, patterns, and self-destructive behaviours that hinder happiness, success, and over-all health/wellness.

By working with the energy of the Ancient Egyptian Pantheon and their understanding of dimensions/ratios, this healing will: 

  • Transmute repressed emotional trauma from the past
  • Assist in the management of any acute or chronic pain
  • Assist those who feel ‘stuck’ in life
  • Relieve stress and improve emotional conditions such as depression, anxiety, and mood swings
  • Accelerate the process of spiritual development and enlightenment


This truly unique ceremony facilitates deep healing on all levels for the client. The benefits are cumulative, so multiple sessions are recommended.

90 mins – $200

This empowering reading series helps clients to gain clarity, insight, and healing around situations, cycles, and messages they are receiving in their life.

  • Look to the past and present for answers to get direction for the future
  • See where patterns and cycles began in order to heal them
  • Learn the most probable outcomes for situations and opportunities in your life


It is recommended to book multiple readings as the questions you seek answers to will come in layers as you are ready to learn about them. Your Book of Life has all information of everything you have every thought, said, or did in this lifetime. What would you like to know about?

60 mins x 3 – $450 (Recommended)



Use the power of a Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid to enhance the light the flows into your space.  Experience the power of crystals permenantly installed into your home to hold up the energetic grids that will:

  • Protect your home and office to live in more harmony and flow
  • Increase abundance and manifestation in your life
  • Increase your interaction with the Divine and your guides


It is recommeded that your crystal grid the entire floor plan of your home and office, however you are able to grid individual rooms as well.  Pricing varies based upon travel time, square footage of the home, rooms being gridded, number of grids, layout, and number of crystals needed. Please fill in the form below to book a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION regarding Sacred Geometry Crystal Gridding your home!

Cost Varies

Time Needed Varies

Clear out the energy from previous tenants or roommates, negative or tense energy, or cleanse the space where a death occured in the home.  Set the energy in the home to be what you desire instead of fighting against what is there.

  • Clear and calm the energy of easily-exciteable children or housemates
  • Protect the space by creating energetic boundaries and redirect the energy
  • Remove unwanted spirits or entities that are hanging around

Custom packages made to fit your goals that may include healings for your residence such as cord cuttings, mother essence, crystal gridding, etc. Starting at $1/square foot of the home.   Please fill in the form below to book a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION regarding a House Clearing in your home!

Custom Package of Energy Balancing and Clearing, Meditation, Breathwork, NLP, etc 

60 mins x 3 = $450

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