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Astral Travel 2

This class will be taught by Modern Mystery School Master Healer and Teacher, Sarah Hauch. We will be learning deeper techniques to open the third eye, and all the exercises needed to take your Astral Travelling to the next level! Building from the techniques that we learn in Astral Travel Level 1, we expand into learning and… Continue reading Astral Travel 2

Journeys of the Spirit

This intensive one-day course opens up the gateways to ascending through the spiritual dimensions to connect with your Higher Self, your Spirit Guides, Masters of Light and other Beings of Light. This practice, often called channeling, will open you to an expand reality and your own connection to deep spiritual wisdom and enlightenment.   We all… Continue reading Journeys of the Spirit


Astral Travel 1

You can heal your body, mind, and spirit with Astral Travel, as well as seek guidance that you could not receive otherwise in your daily life! Join Fresh For Life and benefit from this Astral Travel workshop! You will learn how to: ✔️ Strengthen your energetic awareness. ✔️ Heal and grow on all levels of… Continue reading Astral Travel 1

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