Classes are held in person, in small groups to allow for collaborative learning as well as one-on-one attention. You learn and practice the theories we cover throughout each class so you go home with the confidence and resources to expand your practice and the impact of what you learn.

Everything is made of Sacred Geometry in our universe. It is the energetic signatures of all that exists. Take a moment to notice the geometries around you. Do you wonder where they come from and how they work?


Join Fresh For Life and learn the history of Sacred Geometry and how you can use it to:
-Clear and protect spaces in your home.
-Cultivate energy with the use of ancient rituals in your daily life.
-Create areas of sanctuary for meditation and prayer.


You can use Sacred Geometry to connect with your spirit guides and call in energy to help you manifest and thrive. This workshop is one of the most powerful workshops I teach, and Im excited for you to join me on this journey of self-discovery!


Class Length: 4 hours

You can heal your body, mind, and spirit with Astral Travel, as well as seek guidance that you could not receive otherwise in your daily life!


Join Fresh For Life and benefit from this Astral Travel workshop! You will learn how to:
-Strengthen your energetic awareness.
-Heal and grow on all levels of your being.
-Shift and expand your consciousness in a safe environment by using ancient tools and techniques.


With practice, you can remotely travel ‘outside’ of your physical body to other locations and interact with spiritual beings.


You can use the Ancient clearing and protection rituals taught in this workshop to improve your daily life!


Class Length: 4 hours


Are you ready to take charge of your own life?
Do you feel a calling to step into your own personal power?
Are you looking for deeper meaning in your life and depth in your relationships?


This 3-HR AWAKEN THYSELF course will:
-Guide you along the Path of Progression that YOU experience and techniques on how to move forward on it with ease and success!
-Teach you Ancient rituals and techniques to use in your daily life that are guaranteed to enrich your experiences!
-Journey you through a powerful meditation technique used to access your higher self for answers!


Join Fresh For Life in this amazing and exciting 3-hr workshop and learn techniques to help you step into your own power and thrive in your daily life!


Class Length: 3 Hours


Is stress preventing you from enjoying your life?

Do you wake up feeling overwhelmed and anxious every day?

Are your relationships and work suffering because you are constantly stressed to the MAX?


This 2-HR Stress Rescue workshop will:
– Provide you with a simple Cognitive System to recognize stressors!
– Train you in easy Relaxation Techniques that you can implement into your life!
– Teach you Rational Problem Solving Skills to use when stress arises for you!


The #1 reason why people don’t enjoy their lives is because of stress mis-management! Imagine your life after gaining control over stress, so you can focus your energy on the things that really matter to YOU!


Class Length: 2 Hours


3 class series = $120




Contact for private session pricing

Are you curious about meditation or well-seasoned?
Do you seek to grow your meditation practice?
Do you want to connect with your higher self for answers about your life?


Join Fresh For Life for this 2-HR course that will teach you:
 -Tried and true meditation techniques for ALL levels of meditators.
 -Ways to meet and work with your ‘Higher Self’.
-Gain the answers and clarity that you seek from within yourself.


Being in the energy of meditators and healers is healing on its own, and allows you the opportunity to step out of the stress and anxiety that is commonly experienced in our culture. Give yourself the gift of stepping into your True Authentic Self and join us for this meditation course! 


Class Length: 2 Hours



Contact for private session pricing

Is stress and anxiety messing with your life?
Do you need to calm your mind and get your emotions in check?
Are you ready to get grounded, focused, and energized?


Please join us for a Max Meditation ™ 1-hour session ONLINE (Zoom) where we will practice a unique and highly effective meditation style that will ground, energize, and align you for the rest of your week!


This style of meditation has been used by thousands of people to overcome stress, anxiety, and physical pain for many years, and can ONLY be taught by a certified Modern Mystery School facilitator such as myself, Crystal Fresh.


I invite you to gift yourself with the healing and revitalizing energy of like-minded individuals, and the support of myself and Fresh For Life to accomplish your goals for the remainder of the week.


Class Length: 1 hour


By Donation/Free online and in-person


Contact for private session pricing

As humans, we have always wanted to know more. To understand WHY? And to knock at the door of discovering our own personal and spiritual power. This course brings light to these desires!


Join us for an amazing and enlightening evening workshop about the 7 Ancient Mystery Schools to discover their purpose, history, and power.


In this course, YOU will learn:

-What the 7 Mystery Schools are and how you can benefit from them in your daily life.
-Why the traditions of the Mystery Schools are important in this day in age.
-Ancient rituals to improve your daily life!


Class Length: 3 hours


Contact for private session pricing

Can you sense when something ‘just isn’t right’?
Do you hear or see things that appear to not be ‘right here’ in the physical?
Do you have visions or dreams and you are not sure how to understand and interpret them?


As humans, we are all made of and affected by the energy around us. Our brains try to interpret what is happening with us on an energetic level, and sometimes logic just can’t explain it all.


Join Fresh For Life and learn about your own energetic/psychic abilities and how to enhance them, as well as how to build a strong connection with your intuition in order to enhance your daily life!


This workshop is taught by Fresh For Life in conjunction with the Modern Mystery School, and all techniques are professionally tested and used by practitioners on a regular basis.


Class Length: 2 hours



Contact for private session pricing

Sometimes working one-on-one with a coach is what creating a healthy habit looks like for you. 


Thrive Coaching works to support you in taking responsibility of your thoughts and energy by keeping your mindset healthy as you grow in your self-awareness about manifesting and magnetically attract what you desire in all areas of your life.


Custom Packages available to meet your needs and goals.

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