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The Fresh For Life vision is to create a new paradigm for assisting Youth and Adults who have experienced trauma by providing healthy, active, and creative outlets founded upon methods of self-empowerment and Holistic Healing techniques.


The Fresh For Life Foundation will open trauma recovery centres across Canada and facilitate events that assist individuals to heal from depression, suicide, addiction, and trauma by becoming self-sufficient entrepreneurs. Our mission is to bridge the gap between at-risk youth aging out of care into becoming successful members of society by shifting and re-defining Socio-Cultural perspectives, leading to empowerment through sustainable self-healing.


The Fresh For Life classes, events, community outreach, and centre provide mentorships through music, DJ lessons, art, sports, sustainable gardens, structure building, survival skills, holistic self-healing and empowerment workshops, entrepreneurial training, and other creative outlets to channel trauma and pain into fuel that drives desire for life.


Community outreach is focused specifically in schools and homeless shelters on gang and drug aversion thru redirecting the release of trauma into artistic avenues as well as the use of natural body products, self-healing, and permaculture in order to promote sustainable living and self-worth, leading to increased healthy lifestyle choices.

Crystal Rhodes

BA (Hons) Sociology
BA Conflict Resolution Studies
BA Criminal Justice
2nd Step Ritual Master
Life Activation Practitioner

Advanced Healing Practitioner

MMS Teacher Level 1

Holistic healing and music are my life. It helped me recover from the trauma, addiction and depression that I had experienced. It allowed me to create a path to success and empowerment. Without healing and music in my life, I would not be alive today.


I began searching for answers for myself and found them in my training in natural healing modalities such as Reiki, Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing, Feng Shui, and Self-Empowerment. It was through this healing where I began to practice healing work everyday and let all the repressed memories and feelings flow out. I began to forgive myself and the others who had harmed me, victimized me, taken my innocence and my freedom. My self-confidence grew and I felt empowered as I began to rise above the stress and traumas I had experienced.


I realized I had a true ability to help people with the healings and music I offered, so they could rise above the life struggles they were experiencing. I knew that everything I had endured was leading to the greater purpose of being able to share my story, inspire others with the power of natural healing and music, and to find their true path in life.


I was working as a DJ and realized very quickly that it was easy for me to get international DJ gigs, and give healings and take courses along the way. I began to see how people who were not even at the events were benefiting from my ability to heal and share healing music with the world.


Today I am able to continue sharing this healing journey by working with the many healing clients I have across Canada and working with Legacy Children’s Foundation as a DJ instructor for underprivileged youth who are in need of a structure to nurture their healing and creative process. I am now a 2nd Step Ritual Master with the Modern Mystery School and have a strong daily healing practice for myself, as well as a growing clientele.


The most rewarding part of my healing journey is to see how it has turned full circle, and how I am now able to share this process with individuals in need, just like I once was.


I have so much gratitude for what natural healing techniques and music has done for me in my life, and for the others I have seen it heal. It literally saved my life as it gave me something to live for, helped me find a purpose, healed my past traumas and abuse, kept me out of legal trouble, rebuilt my self-confidence and self-esteem, helped me to forgive myself and others, and gave me the opportunity to share this journey with the world. Providing people with a chance to find themselves and their path in life, releases the stress and trauma they experienced, and thrive in their lives is priceless.


Thank you so much for considering your own journey and healing, as well as for allowing me the opportunity to share my journey with you.


For more information on the Modern Mystery School’s teachings and healings, click here: https://www.modernmysteryschoolint.com/

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