Fresh For Life Soap

Fresh for Life Cleansing Inside and Out!

“After my first session with Crystal, I felt very empowered as a lot of my anxiety and pain was released. Her soap healed my acne and eczema as well. I literally feel like I have a fresh start in my life now!”

B. Webster

Naturally Cleansing Soap

Fresh For Life soap detoxifies and cleanses your skin while repairing damage caused by some skin conditions, without drying or leaving behind an oily residue. Activated Charcoal naturally draws out toxins and impurities while Colloidal Oatmeal and Vitamin E replenishes and moisturizes your face and body.

Fresh For Life soap is excellent for ALL skin types, especially if you suffer from Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, or Scars and is manufactured by a grassroots local Alberta soap store that uses top quality ingredients to balance and heal the body. Unlike most natural soaps, it does NOT contain olive oil, and is Palm-Oil Free, Sulphate Free, and Paraben Free.

Healing and Cleansing Soap made by Fresh for Life.
Mixing board for underprivelaged youth music program.

Supporting our Youth Music Program

Proceeds from the sale of Fresh For Life soap will be used to fund music programs and equipment for At-Risk Youth across Canada, provided by Fresh For Life in partnership with Legacy Children’s Foundation. These programs give at-risk youth another chance at life by providing them with technical and transferable workplace skills, entrepreneurship training, personal healing, and mentorship.

Giving At-Risk Youth a Fresh Start on Life

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