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Fresh For Life exists to clear the obstacles you are experiencing in following your life path. Through healings, education, and practical tools, you will transform the blocks holding you back from your full potential. Are you ready to end the cycle of suffering and live your


Crystal Rhodes

Modern Mystery School

Advanced Healer

and Teacher

Jen B.
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Crystal was very real with me. She's got great energy and made it very easy to feel comfortable around her.
Jen B.
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Crystal was very real and raw with me. She's got great energy, non-judgemental attitude and made it very easy to feel comfortable around her.
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Crystal has peaceful energy. She brings peace as she is healing. Her energy is warm and inviting.
Kate S.
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Crystal did a Soul Retrieval on me. As a result, I felt more whole and integrated - more my full self. I recommend!
Jenna L.
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After receiving the Shamanic Aura Clearing from Crystal, I felt so cared for and balanced in my body. I was able to be more in my heart and grounded.

Life is Precious.

We all desire meaning, connection, and vibrant health. Yet trauma, illness, and negative thought loops block us from what we know is possible. Anxiety and depression infiltrate our lives and affect our relationships.


We’re constantly bombarded by conflicting advice about how to heal. There’s always a new supplement to try, a new superfood to purchase, or a new yoga routine to practice.

But nothing reaches the root cause of our challenges, allowing the patterns to continue.


No one taught you the secret to true healing.

Imagine healing your life’s biggest challenges at the root.

As the traumas and wounds of our past are transmuted, every aspect of our lives is impacted. Pain dissolves and new opportunities emerge. We’re no longer influenced by the opinions of others.

Fundamental well-being spills over into our family, our work, and our hobbies. At last we can reclaim our energy, alignment, and power. Our magic is waiting to be found.


What would it feel like to be powerfully connected to your deepest truth?

Colorfultree graphic with paint splatters showing the roots

Discover a proven lineage of healing that’s over 8,000 years old.

I’m Crystal Rhodes, founder of Fresh For Life.


I’ve been studying mysticism for over 20 years, and for the past 10 years have been training with the Modern Mystery School. The school’s lineage can be traced back directly to Hermes Trismegistus.


These teachings are the most effective, impactful tools I’ve found in my own healing journey and I’m honoured to be able to offer them to clients.


Through Fresh For Life, I share the wisdom of this authentic tradition to the world. It all starts with a complimentary consult where I learn about your life and what you are seeking to heal.

Letting Go of the Past

By completing the past, we can embrace our future. Traumas, betrayals, and old patterns don’t have to hold control over our lives. I help my clients cut the energetic cords of their history, freeing them to choose a new way forward.

Embracing Your Path

We’re all here for a purpose. Finding and pursuing it is the key to lasting fulfillment. I perform Life Activations, aura healings, and more to help you not only discover your calling, but also to let go of any fear of following it.

Tools for Transformation

What do you do when life presents you with a block? I teach hands-on classes in sacred geometry, meditation, energy healing, and more. Each class equips you with tools to masterfully navigate life’s storms.

My Mission

For much of my life, I struggled with trauma, addiction, and depression. In my own search for answers, I tried what felt like everything – Reiki, crystal healing, feng shui, personal development, and more.


While all of these things helped, I didn’t feel that I had found my true path, and my struggle continued. After years of searching, I discovered the Modern Mystery School in 2012. I received a Life Activation, then immediately began my training. I became a Level 2 Ritual Master in 2016 and a teacher in 2017.


My mission is to help others find their path. I believe that by healing the divine feminine energy in the world, we can create a better future for the next generation. I am especially committed to healing our youth, and creating a world that will be heaven on earth as they grow into adults.


Nothing brings me more joy than seeing lives transform as I facilitate this work!

Find your Unique Path to Healing and Fulfillment.

Book a free consultation today!

  1. Share your goals and blockages so I can recommend the most beneficial course of action.
  2. Access resources and recommendations outside of healing work to support you in your daily life.
  3. Get to know me so you can decide if we are a good fit to work together.
Jessa R.
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I attended a group meditation with Crystal hosting, twice now. Huge energy shifts during both times. The space she offers is comfortable and unique. Her voice and her guiding sent me into a very deep meditation. I also enjoy her friendly energy and the community she has created. I look forward to the next one I can attend!
Darren R.
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Crystal is an amazingly warm and wonderful person and she does an excellent job at facilitating deep healing through ways that are both practical and highly efficient. It is a blessing every time I am able to attend one of her sessions. She does live on the other side of the city then I yet it is always worth it when I make the trip. Highly recommend Fresh For Life for anyone that feels they want healing (in any sense) or for Beings just wanting to expand ones Wisdom and Awareness of Being and Reality
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